Avis Psorilax: an effective treatment to end psoriasis plaques?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease that manifests itself in thick red, dry patches on the skin or in the scalp. It is a common disease that affects 4% of the world's population, or 1 in 25 people. Young people are particularly affected. It is estimated that 70% of people suffering from psoriasis are under 20 years of age.

Plates cause severe itching and tugging. In addition, although not contagious, the disease is frightening and a source of complexity for those affected. Many people with psoriasis fear to show their skin and limit their daily activities for fear of being rejected by others. Psoriasis also has an impact on married life.

However, psoriasis is not a fatality and there are many treatments available to get rid of the skin plaques permanently. Among them is Psorilax, which claims to relieve symptoms for a clear skin found again. What should we think? How does the treatment work? Zoom in on Psorilax.

Psorilax is a topical treatment, i. e. it is a cream that is applied directly to the skin and affected areas. The cream then penetrates deep into the skin to release its quadruple action: elimination of psoriasis plaques, prevention of the spread of affected cells, nutrition and skin softening as well as soothing irritations.

Made up of natural ingredients, Psorilax respects sensitive and irritated skin and is generally well tolerated. It is validated by skin experts and tested before it is marketed.

The results are usually visible after 10 days of application, and the skin regains its good health in about 1 month of continuous treatment.

Psorilax has 5 key ingredients known for their important roles in healthy skin: oat kernel extract, glycerin, sweet almond oil, urea and wheat germ oil.

Oats is one of the medicinal plants that have been used for a very long time to fight skin problems, especially psoriasis. In fact, clinical studies have shown the many benefits of oats: it moisturizes dry skin, soothes irritations, eliminates itching, considerably softens the skin and speeds up healing. Psorilax contains dihydroavenanthramide, one of the most effective oat kernel extracts.

Another ingredient of Psorilax is glycerin, which will deeply moisturize the skin. It will also soften it, giving it more elasticity and a better overall appearance. Some studies have also suggested that glycerin may also contribute to epidermal cell renewal, an essential function for the effective control of psoriasis.

The sweet almond oil contained in Psorilax is also an ally recognized for a healthy skin: it reduces inflammatory processes, controls the sebaceous glands and has soothing and softening properties. Many people suffering from psoriasis use sweet almond oil to soothe their scalp or plaques located in different parts of the body.

As for urea, it is a natural acid that has an exfoliating action on the skin, gradually eliminating dryness and releasing it from small dead skins. As a result, the slats are considerably reduced. Urea is also very moisturizing and humectant, binding the water that is below the surface of the epidermis to the layer that regenerates the skin. For all these reasons, dermatologists generally recommend that people with psoriasis choose a well-dosed urea treatment.

Wheat germ oil is also known to improve skin diseases such as psoriasis. Particularly nourishing and moisturizing, it softens, calms and soothes. It is also a source of essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals. Finally, it stimulates the regeneration process and eliminates dandruff.

In addition, Psorilax also contains Pentylene, Glycol, Butylene, Glucose, Lactic Acid, Phenoxyethanol and Triethanolamine. All these components have positive effects on fragile, damaged and dry skin. They are used to normalize cellular metabolic processes.

Psorilax therefore combines several ingredients with known healing properties that are regularly used by people with psoriasis. It is this combination and combination of components that makes it an effective treatment for a clean skin free of plaque.

Psorilax is available in France for a very short time, so there are currently very few user reviews available. There should be more in


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