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We will divide the reviews of this product into 2 types:

The price will be shorter, and the results will also be two words. But before we start, it's worth learning more about this product.

Unfortunately, many men are unable to provide their partners with full satisfaction during intimate excitement for two.  The problem is usually a small penis size or poor erection. If you are struggling with the problem of your birth rate or low erection, will this product help you? On the internet you can read that "The specialists have developed a formula that will change the life of your relationship and allow you to rise to the high level of pleasure! It is the most effective and fastest way to enlarge a member, and to improve erectile retention. Currently, this supplement is an undoubted leader on the market of supplements dedicated to men with the problem of a small penis ". But is it possible that this product works so magically?

Xtrasize composition - every good product should consist of the best ingredients, otherwise it would not be a good product. Ingredients may indicate that the preparation improves erectile quality to a good degree. It raises libido to a large extent and strengthens the prostate. But is it just as good enough to enlarge a member? There is nothing magical in the line-up to make it happen. 

The supplement is composed of three basic components, which determine its effectiveness in improving erectile dilation and, therefore, these are

Other ingredients included in Xtrasize are

The strength of this product is that the formulation can be good for libido growth, and increase erection. Rather, it will not grow any more.

If you are also interested in ingredients other than those listed in Xtrasize that have an impact on potency, I refer you to the article "What to eat on potency", you will find it in the menu on our website.

For Xtrasize, the price can be an advantage of this product. Because the manufacturer gives us the opportunity to choose packages at prices that are attractive for the consumer. 

On the manufacturer's website you can choose between three packages:

If you are interested in the most attractive price and the certainty that you will receive the original product, order the package directly from the manufacturer today.

Manufacturer's website Check the kits

In the case of Xtrasize, dosage is slightly different than in other supplements. 

According to what the manufacturer writes, only one tablet per day is enough. This one dose will make your erection become more intense, after a dozen or so days. The package contains 60 pills, so it is a 2-month treatment.

 To check if the preparation is effective, check out our ranking and see what other men write. How Xtrasize and the effects of this product are assessed should help you make the decision to purchase it.  If you have used this supplement yourself, please add your assessment and describe the results. You can do this in the "opinions" tab at the top of this review. With your experience you will help others to choose good products. The ranking is based on the average of user ratings.

As I had previously written Xtrasize opinions we divided them into 2 types.  If you are looking well on the Internet, for example, it is possible to find out more about it. opinions in the forum are divided into those describing the "agent for potentials", and most often those describing the "agent for penis enlargement". They look like e. g. in this way:

IT specialist "lean82", 33 years, Results: after 15 days.

I agree with the previous speaker, I generally had the same problem. It looked like it was with me that the problems started around thirty. And that's how things got worse and worse, the erection was weaker, until I had such days that I couldn't stand up at all. As a New Year's decision I decided to take care of myself. I was doing the same as a colleague did. Exercises on keg muscle, squats and supplementation "have helped me

Darek 41 years old, Effects: after 16 days.

I was already raging, there were still some problems and now "it". Perhaps I neglected myself, I didn't care about my health. And that is why there are now problems with erection.... Fortunately, some 3 weeks ago, when I read about xtrasize, I decided to buy it and now I don't regret it. It is 17 days of supplementation, and finally I can begin to coexist normally.

Janusz advocate, 42 years, Effects: after 15 days.

Diary of Janusz's daily 20:

I didn't write a little because there was no time, but today I'll try to make up for it.

Day 14 - This is where zoom and supplement exercises are standard. With erection as I wrote better and better, a total increase of 1 mm, first effects!

Day 15 - Next day of exercise and supplementation. Erection as it did yesterday. The total increase of 1.4 mm I have the impression that it grows like crazy!!

Day 16-18 - I do the same supplementation, I exercise all the time, I do not give up. At the end of the 16th day I measured because I was on my way out and the score was 2.2 mm higher!!

Day 18-20 - I practiced and took a supplement. And this is probably the best of my last days in life. Thanks to Xtrasi, the effects from the beginning of the treatment are


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